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Village of Baddeck

 A community of 1000 people, Baddeck is the county seat for the Municipality of Victoria County and the commercial and service centre for southern Victoria.  Services include hospital, seniors residences, grocery store, banks, library, yacht club, curling club, golf course, ice arena, restaurants. marinas, etc.

A destination for sailors, snowmobilers, Celtic music lovers and just plain lovers.


Community of Middle River:

  The rural community of Middle River valley is known for its fierce defence of its small (24 students) friendly community school and its beautiful fishing river.  A large car dealership and a hardwood flooring mill anchor the commercial side of the economy.  A broad, flat, fertile valley and winding river make it an attractive location for hopeful farmers, fishermen and people looking for peaceful country living.

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  Located west of Baddeck and lying between the estuaries of the Baddeck River and Middle River. Residents of the area enjoy the benefits of living on Nyanza Bay ( a great Bras d’Or Lakes harbour) and the resulting fishing opportunities, including an active ice fishing community.  Want to eat or shop – the Herring Choker Deli and the Red Barn will do quite nicely. Want a taste of organic brewed beer  – the newly opened Big Spruce Brewery will have you coming back for more.


Baddeck  Inlet:

  Located between the Baddeck River bridge and the town of Baddeck,  the Inlet is home to three large campgrounds, a window factory, as well as overnight cottages, motels and Inns.  Tim Horton’s and a service station will keep you fueled up and on the go.  Numerous full time and seasonal residents enjoy the nearby Bras d’or Lakes and water views.


Baddeck Valley:

Situated between the Village of Baddeck and the highlands of the Cape Breton plateau, the communities of the Baddeck River Valley have a close connection with nature and are the staging ground for snowmobiling and wilderness adventures within the vast forested  area that occupies much of Victoria County.  Hike to Visge Ban Falls, fish the Baddeck River or go for a round of golf at the Baddeck Forks Golf Club.


Baddeck Bay to Big Harbour and St Ann’s Bay:

  Great scenery and the Bras d’Or Lakes  – from the Bell Bay Golf Course to the Gaelic College;  It’s not hard to understand why this area was the favourite location for Alexander Graham Bell and the chosen home of numerous Scottish settlers.    

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