BIKE_VICTORIA_-_LOGO_1_COLOUR_with_drawn_wheel_To download the cycle route map for Victoria County, follow this link: VictoriaCountyCycleMap2015
Cyclists use caution – Road conditions change over time. Please use caution and be prepared for unstable conditions on roadways, shoulders & off-road routes.

Experience the thrill of conquering the Cabot Trail

Visit Website – Download Cycle Nova Scotia Pamphlet

Named for famed navigator and explorer John Cabot, the world famous Cabot Trail is a 300 kilometre paved roadway that hugs the mountainous northern shore coastline of the Island. For most cyclists, the loop ride around the Trail begins and ends in Baddeck.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park straddles the upper reaches of the Island, roughly 85 km north of Baddeck via the small communities of Chéticamp (on the west coast) or Ingonish (on the east coast). The road around the Trail is, for the most part, well-maintained.

Blue Route Nova Scotia – Facebook – Reports

Cycle Nova Scotia – website – Cycle NS Routes
Framework Cycle & Fitness – website

Secret to a Long Healthy Life: Bike to the Store

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