Community Connection



Without a doubt, Baddeck (and Area) has more to offer than first meets the eye.  And like most treasures, newcomers may need a little help uncovering what makes our communities so special.  

Community Connection is a group committed to helping newcomers transition by providing a Welcome Package that welcomes newcomers by putting them in contact with friendly residents who would introduce  newbies to business, institutions, programs and personalities within our community.

The Connection….

For example, we might try and connect a retiring couple who decides to settle in one of our communities with somebody who moved here a few years ago and has gone through the same “getting acquainted” issues.  We might try to connect a new family interested in small farming with a member of the Farmer’s Market Community. Young families with children maybe interested in playgroups for kids, schooling issues/questions, daycare options, recreation programs, service clubs, etc.

Jobs and business opportunities could be promoted under the Community Connections page on the Our Baddeck website, as well as support and welcoming to our new residents.

What’s included in the Welcome Package?

The assembled packages will include; brochures, coupons, advertisements, or even a specially created “newcomer” special can be included! These packages will be given to new community members who contact us directly or are referred to us by other groups. Basic information such as; when is the garbage picked up, who is your county councillor, location of the employment centre, how to get a doctor or a dentist, brochures from local businesses, welcome to the community coupons.

Eventually we would hope to develop a business directory – where do you find a electrician, carpenter or a mechanic. Where can you get a pizza, lumber, firewood, rent a house, buy a home / land.

How we can help….

In an effort to introduce new residents to the many services found in Baddeck, we invite you to share information on your products and services to be included in a Welcome to Baddeck package.

If you’re a business or community group and would like to contribute, let us know and a committee member will follow up with you in the coming weeks.  We also invite you to contact us by email at with any questions.

If you’ve just moved to one of our communities, let us know and we’ll make every effort to answer your questions and help make your transition a smooth one! Email and we’ll be in touch soon!

Know of someone who recently moved to the community, put them in contact with us to be sure they receive the package. Email

Interested in joining the committee!

To develop this program we need volunteers – if you feel you could help in any way or can offer advice, please drop us an e mail at