News, News, News – Syrian Family Coming To Baddeck.

Syria to Baddeck Family – News – March 19th, 2018

Friends and supporters,

We have news to share. We received an email this afternoon from the Embassy indicating that our file has been officially approved, visas have been issued and the family will be called in to the Embassy get exit visas and to make travel plans. The International Office of Migration will support the family in this pre-arrival phase, and has indicated that we can expect them to arrive in Baddeck in 4-10 weeks. I realise this is still a bit of a wait, but it is a clear picture and exactly what we’ve been waiting for. The Embassy will inform us of their travel specifics 10 days before arrival, but I would suspect that the family will know that information sooner than that. We are fortunate that we’re able to communicate with them, so hopefully we will know more soon. We will hope for the earliest possible arrival, and that crocuses and daffodils are popping up for their arrival!

Fortunately, we have had folks generously contribute time and effort into preparing the house, and we feel that we are ready to welcome them any day. There are still some final details/finishing touches to add, but it is certainly a home that could be moved into. Folks have generously contributed personal care items, groceries, bedding, furniture, kitchen goods, boys and games and toys – the list goes on and on. Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

We will be calling a public meeting soon to discuss the settlement plan, our budget and to share some photos of the house and details of the family’s travel plans. We want to be sure that we do the arrival and early stages properly – so the family feels supported, and also has space to adjust. We know we can rely on everyone’s cooperation and support as you’ve been nothing but supportive so far. Well begun is half done, as they say.

We would like to put out a call for someone who has a skill set and interest in personal financial planning. We will need someone to help the family learn about our banking system, talk them through their budget, and accompany them to the first few trips to the bank (setting up debit cards, etc.). Whomever that person is will have to undergo a criminal record check through the RCMP as per the government’s expectations for sponsorship groups (it’s a simple trip to the barracks with ID, it is free and is done right then and there). If you think you may be interested, please let one of the steering committee members know, or reply to this email.

Thank you again for all your support. This has been a long and arduous process, but it will all become worth it when this family is welcomed into a safe home and community.

With thanks,

The Steering Committee

(Donnell Beaton, Athol Grant, Chris King, Jen MacDonald, Aynsley MacFarlane)