RCMP warn of another credit card scam in Victoria County .

February 18, 2016, Victoria County… Baddeck RCMP receive a new credit card scam complaint.

Baddeck RCMP would like to make the residents of Victoria County aware of a new credit card scam that might affect them.  The scammers call saying they are from Verified by Visa and that your credit card has been used in a suspicious purchase.  They will ask you to confirm the card number and expiry date to stop the charge.  Do not give out this information, Visa will have all this information. Ask the caller to provide their name, call back information and what bank issued the card, if they will not provide this information hang up.  When the scammer was asked what bank issued their card all the scammer could say was “Nova Scotia”, the card owner then hung up on them realizing it was a scam.  In this case the caller ID showed a United States phone number.

If you have question please call the local RCMP Detachment or the toll free number on the back of your credit.

“The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.” – Proverb

Contact person, Cst Eric Latwaitis, Victoria County RCMP

Baddeck RCMP: 902-295-2350 – Eric.latwaitis@rcmp-grc.gc.ca