Victoria County RCMP warning residents of internet scam.

Feburary 2, 2016, Victoria County… RCMP would like all residents to be aware of an internet scam involving Facebook.

Baddeck RCMP have recently received reports of residences getting Facebook requests from a friend asking for money to cover fees to claim prize money.  The money can not be claimed until the fee is sent through a money sending service such as Western Union or Money Gram.  This is a scam, the scammers have hacked a Facebook account and now has access to their friends and you were on that list.  This type of hacking can be done without the legitimate owner even knowing it happened.  The hacker might even create a fake Facebook account and send a friend request to you and start a chat to build your trust before asking for the money.

Remember to be suspicious if someone asks you to pay up front to receive something you won.  If it is legitimate ask some questions and see if they have answers or try to avoid answering.  If you are still suspicious or concerned please contact you local RCMP detachment before giving out any information or sending money to anyone

Money is too hard to earn, don’t make it easy for someone to take it away.

Contact person: Cst Eric Latwaitis Victoria County RCMP Cell: 902-294-0751