Victoria Co. Family Home Daycare is now an option.

Day Care

Did you know Cape Breton has a Regulated Family Home Day Care Agency?

Are you interested in starting your own Family Home Day Care Business? Or are you presently providing care in your home to children? You might be interested in speaking with our Family Home Day Care Consultant!

What is regulated Family Home Child Care?

Regulated Family Home Child Care offers quality child care in a home environment that is monitored and supported by a licensed agency through the Cape Breton Family Place Resource Centre and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. It is subject to the Regulations of the Day Care Act.

The Family Home Day Care Consultant coordinates the program and delivers support services to both care providers and families offering and seeking child care. This includes the screening, approval, support and monitoring of care providers for the agency.

The Agency also offers:

☐  access to subsidized funding

☐  access to our early childhood toy/resource library

☐  access to monthly play groups for care providers

☐  monthly home visit support by the agency’s consultant

☐  access to free training and workshops

☐  opportunity to meet and network with other child care providers

☐  support with free advertising for your family home day care

☐  assistance with matching families with family home day cares

☐   assistance and support with the business side of your home day care

If you are interested in knowing more about the Family home day care agency please contact:

FAmily Place Home DAy Care Agency

Lisa Brewster, Consultant – 902-574-7869

Jubilee Elementary School

755 Main Street, Sydney Mines