Proposed Arts Council for Victoria County.


Between the Highlands and the Sea Arts Council

“Supporting the applied and fine arts community in Victoria County

   Within Nova Scotia, most Counties have an arts organization that support and promote the arts community. A brief “on line” search  brings up the names – Hants County Arts Council, Shelburne County Arts Council, Queens Arts Council and many others. The County of Inverness have the Inverness County for the Centre for the Arts and in Chetcamp, the les Conseil Des Arts de Cheticamp.

Numerous artists and craftspeople in Victoria County earn a living (or supplement their income) by producing items for the Applied Arts (think quilts, cutting boards, pottery) and Fine Arts (think painting, photographs, sculpture) markets. This Applied /Fine Arts community has fostered numerous businesses within the County and is a significant economic driver. The practitioners within this community are attracted to Victoria County by the beauty of the area, relative low prices for land / accommodations, the sense of community and the active tourism sector (to sell their product).  These businesses are often single proprietor or a small incorporated business.

There is a significant opportunity to increase the economic impact of the industry to the County and improve the viability of the individual businesses.

Victoria County does not have an all-embracing group or organization to promote the Applied / Fine Arts industry to governments, potential customers, and the younger generation. It is proposed that “Between the Highlands and the Sea Arts Council ” be established to fill this role.




Overview of Between the Highlands and the Sea Arts Council


Objectives of Council

1)  Promote the people, vision and products of the Applied /Fine Arts Community in Victoria County.

2)  Assist the Applied / Fine Arts community to get the attention and support of Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

3)  Encourage the Applied /Fine Arts community to work together to support, expand and profit from improved communication.

Membership and Structure of Council

Membership will be open to all those who support the objectives of Council. The group will become a Society under regulations/requirements of the Province of Nova Scotia. The Board will consist of 8 directors taking into consideration regional representation and experience.

Proposed Activities of Council

Activities of the Council might include the following;

  1. a) Research and apply for government programs that might assist in furthering the objectives of the Council.
  2. b) Promote the work and people involved in the Applied / Fine Arts community in Victoria County.
  3. c) Support businesses in the Applied / Fine Arts community by engaging in their programs and works.
  4. d) Participate in whatever other activities, programs and policies that may be undertaken within the Victoria County Arts community.

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