Back To Nature – Girls Only Outdoor Retreat March 28-30

Back To Nature – Winter Outdoor Retreat March 28-30, 2014
Cabot Shores, North Shore-Victoria County
Grades 7, 8 and 9 girls attending Wagmatcookewey, Cabot and Baddeck schools have an opportunity of a lifetime by participating in the 2014 Winter Outdoor Retreat at Cabot Shores, North Shore on the Cabot Trail.

Girls will be introduced to a number of activities learning various skills, participating in a lot of outdoor activities and eating healthy – Back to Nature and Bring Back Winter Play.

Schedule, registration form and permission slips, return to your principal. 14 1st registered at each school are accepted – FREE.
GO Back to Nature Winter Outdoor Retreat Waiver2014PDF
GO Back to Nature Winter Outdoor Retreat TravelPermissionSlip2014PDF
Proudly Supported By: Naturally Active Victoria County, Victoria County, Thrive, NS Health & Wellness, CBVRSB, Wagmatcook.