#For the Girls Program Coming to Baddeck Academy (Grades 7,8,9)

Victoria County GO (Girls Only) After-school Programs LIVE LAUGH PLAY
“E’pite’ji’jk Pasik” (GO-Girls Only Program) in Wagmatcook – Grades 7-12. For further information, please contact their leadership team: Matheson, Susan mathesons@cbdha.nshealth.ca; Jackie MacLellan jackieatschool@gmail.com; Jackie MacLellan jackieatschool@gmail.com
#For the Girls Program – We held Strategic Session with the girls on Jan. 27th…Coming soon this winter! Baddeck Academy Girls Grades 7, 8 & 9. Program Leader: Cyndi Ingraham cingpersonaltrainer@hotmail.com
-A GO Program also runs North of Smokey, Victoria County.