Cyndi’s Certified Fitness (Feb. 3-6)

Cyndi’s Certified Fitness (Feb. 3-6):
Hi everyone – Happy snowy Sunday hope you all got a little rest.

Here’s how the week goes
Monday Feb. 3 for this week
4:30 at Rosalie’s
Tuesday Feb. 4
4:00 at Rosalie’s
5:30 “Me Time” at Masonic hall
Wednesday Feb 5
1:00 for this week.
At this time no Washabuck class due to my sons hockey game. If changes I will let you all know
Thursday Feb 6
4:00 at Rosalie’s
If you every have any concerns or questions you can email or ask and I’d be glad to help out. Smiles
Cyndi Ingraham
Ps remember one step at a time. And the first step is showing up