Artist in Residence at Victoria Co. Creates.

Victoria County Creates is located at 507 Chebucto St. Baddeck. The former Blue Heron Gift Shop.

Aug 17th,(Wednesday) to August 20th,(Saturday):  Danika Vandersteen (leather products and artist).

Aug 16th and Aug 17th (Tuesday and Wednesday)- George Smith

Aug 17th (Wednesday) -Liz Burtt (potter)

Aug 18th- (Thursday)- Simone Carmichael (art cards )

Aug 19th- (Friday) – Claire Drinnan (fiber artist)

Aug 20th- (Saturday) – Sharon Ann Burchell (textile artist)


New Phone Scam in Victoria County.

Over the last few days I have personally been getting “robocalls” you know the one where when you say “hello” a few times before a computer starts it’s speech.  I did some checking and would like to share what I found.
The call may say it is representing a bank or just your credit card and wants you to press “one” for more information or to lower your interest rate.  Do not press any number when you receive a robocall, just hang-up.  By pressing a number two things can happen 1) you will be billed a very expensive long distance charge or 2) your name is now been added to every telemarketing/scam list as a person who answers their phone.
If a bank or other company needs to speak with you they will contact you personally and identify themselves.  If you are suspicious about a call contact your local RCMP or Police Detachment to discuss the call or call your bank or credit card company but do not use the number on your caller ID.  If you believe you have been a victim of this scam call the phone company to see if there are extra long distance charges.
Youth Liaison Officer/Community Policing Victoria County Baddeck RCMP-GRC
Baddeck, NS

Big Bike Ride-Thursday, July 21st

Come on out and cheer on the two participating teams! Jims Army rides first and Art and Steve’s team next. Each ride has 29 riders and it’s a blast. Money raised is for Heart and Stroke !
Thursday, July 21st 11:15 AND 12:30