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Ponder this – Electoral Boundary options for Victoria County (Municipal Councillors)

As required by the Government – The Municipality of the County of Victoria has held a series of meetings to discuss the number of Councillors and the relative size of each electoral districts within the County.  At present we have eight councillors who represent  4933 people or about 617 people per councillor.

Because of differences in the number of people each councillor represents – the Government requires the Municipality to present a plan to rearrange the districts so that the number of people in each district would be more or less equal.  At the same time, it was considered an opportune time review the number of councillors we have in Victoria County. Should we keep the same number or have less (nobody seems to be saying we should have more – so that was not considered as an option).

Public Meetings are being held  and Council requests comments from the public.  Meetings are being held as follows;

Tuesday, October 21 st  at St. John’s Anglican Hall Ingonish at 7pm Tuesday, October 28th at the Court House, Baddeck at 7 pm

Written submissions can be submitted to the Sandy Hudson, CAO.

To view discussion documents on options : See “electoral boundary options” under ;


LET US KNOW YOUR VIEW – We invite you to complete the following short survey and choose one option that best represents your view. Survey results will be tallied and posted on this website.  .