FREE Try It Taekwondo Sessions Being Offered


FREE Try It Taekwondo Sessions for residents and visitors of all ages will be held at Baddeck Academy on Thursdays October 23, 30 and November 6 at the Fitness Area (Small gym) at Baddeck Academy from 6:30-8:00 pm. * Please wear comfortable clothing and you’ll be in bare feet.

We wish to see if there is enough interest in the community for a program or possible club now and in the future as there was a lot of interest expressed by the Baddeck & Area  Community last year, but a certified/qualified instructor could not be confirmed, so efforts are underway again this season.

Certified Instructor Earl Burke (Burke’s TaeKwonDo / Mi’Kmaw First Nation Taekwondo Association) will be leading the try it sessions and future  programming/club if there is enough interest. For further information and/or to register for a Taekwondo Program, please call earl at 902.322.5714

Taekwondo means “the way of foot and fist”, which is an accurate description of this Korean martial art. Taekwondo debuted as a demonstration sport at the 1988 Olympics, but wasn’t officially added until 2000. Today, more than 60 million people in 190 countries participate in Taekwondo, and its popularity is growing in Canada.

The Program will follow the Canadian Sport for Life “Active For Life” Taekwondo Model:

Taekwondo teaches participants fundamental movement skills, fundamental sport skills and the ABCs – agility, balance, coordination and speed – of physical literacy. This physical literacy is developed through learning different sparring techniques, martial arts (patterns), and self-defence.

Taekwondo’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model consists of eight stages.

  • Active Start (M, F 3-5) – Introduces fundamental movement skills through physical activity and play.
  • FUNdamentals (M 6-9, F 6-8) – Develops fundamental movement skills that teach overall body and limb control while emphasizing fun activity in a safe and non-threatening environment.
  • Learn to Train (M 10-12, F 9-11) – Consolidates and refines basic Taekwondo skills and introduces practical tactical knowledge and decision making.
  • Train to Train (M 12-16, F 11-15) – Begins to specialize in combative Taekwondo and introduces proper training for the development of proper lifting techniques. Begin emphasis on sparring.
  • Train to Compete (M 16-18+, F 15-17+) – Focuses on the training process rather than the outcome of the competition while emphasizing hard work, self-discipline and commitment. Continued emphasis on sparring.
  • Learn to Win (M 18-21+, F 17-19+) – Establishes and reinforces belief in ability to perform in competition or against opponents, through the development of specific attack and defense strategies. Further emphasizes sparring.
  • Train to Win (M 21+, F 19+) – Maximizes ability to perform on demand at the highest levels, regardless of external factors or other elements that may affect performance. Concludes emphasis on sparring.
  • Active for Life (M, F all ages) – Encourages individuals to remain physically active and involved in Taekwondo, whether competitively or recreationally, for life. Emphasis on martial arts.

Proudly Presented By:

-Naturally Active Victoria County

-Victoria County

-Burke’s Taekwondo

-Mi’Kmaw First Nation Taekwondo Association)


-Baddeck Academy

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Crafts, gift ideas and more!

The Arts & Crafts Show features  photography, paintings, prints, hooked rugs, knitting, felted hats, woodworking, and more.

Works by Cape Breton artists and crafters: Lexie Chapman, Rosanne Campbell, Debbie Campbell, Sylvia Nicholson (Jenneric Designs), Josef MacKinnon and Jesslyn Fraser.Runs October 14 – 17, from 11am to 6pm daily
St. Michael’s Parish Hall, Baddeck

3rd Annual Victoria County Fall Harvest Active Fest 2014


Naturally Active Victoria County


3rd Annual VICTORIA COUNTY FALL HARVEST ACTIVE FEST – October 14-31, 2014 


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*Hats Off and Thank you to our leaders, volunteers, community groups, service providers and facility operators for their continued support, contribution and tremendous efforts.

*Thank You to Our Sponsors for Your Continued Community Support -It is Always Appreciated as we couldn’t have done it Without You – ACOA, Victoria County and Naturally Active

Something For Everyone!

Healthy Lifestyle Choices for You & Your Family to Participate In This Fall!



Gold Medalist Olympian & Flag bearer Heather Moyse To Visit Victoria County, Cape Breton To “Celebrate” The Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy (Est. 2011 – Naturally Active)

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Naturally Active Victoria County will have Gold Medalist Olympian & Flag bearer Heather Moyse come to “Celebrate” the Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy which entered its 3rd year June 2014.

The “Celebration” in Victoria County assists us ro carry the momentum of the strategy and the branding since 2011 – The strategy has made a difference  and is importance to residents to be active and live a healthy lifestyle…Council, Partnership, VCAN, Leaders, Volunteers, Service Providers and facility Operators have been very supportive, contributed and have been instrumental to the success of the momentum since day one, leading to the importance of the strategy to residents and them leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

With over 40 Strategy’s in the province, along with a Physical Activity Coordinator to implement in each Municipality and First Nation Communities, these are having huge impacts on the lives on Nova Scotian’s from Cape Breton to Yarmouth.


Heather will make 4 presentations to local schools throughout Victoria County:

Heather’s Presentation Schedule:

October 20

10 am

Baddeck Academy (Includes Boularderie & Rankin Schools)

October 20

2 pm

Cabot School (Includes North Highlands & Cape Smokey Schools) 

October 20

5pm – Appearance, no presentation

Council Meeting at Ski Cape Smokey Lodge (Open to the public)

October 21

9:30 am

Wagmatcookewey School – Wagmatcook First Nation (Includes Waycobah School)

October 21

12:45 pm

Middle River School

ALL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Admission is Free

Presentation Line-up:

-RCMP Escort for Heather & Special Dignitaries to main stage

-Introductions, Special guests and brief speeches by special dignitaries.

-Naturally Active Victoria County Presentation (Power point) – a look back on three years (Brief)

-“No Excuses” Presentation by Heather Moyse 20-25 minutes

-Interactive Races

-Q & A’s


Live to inspire!


Heather Moyse, Olympian Gold Medalist: ‘Heather Moyse’

OWN THE Podium: Chris Dornan

Strategy Partnership Working For Residents: “Your Partners in Health”

Heather’s Biography: (Her Presentation sample i.e: ) – “Heather is a dynamic speaker – able to tell great stories that have personal impact on the audience. She brings her experiences to life. She is extremely personable, touches people’s hearts, and the audience is able to relate to her easily. She stayed on to meet audience individually, solidifying the personal impact that her presentation had. Great feedback was received from many people for weeks after the event – really helped us build a community of supporters” – – International Center for Disability and Rehabilitation.

Vince Forrestall – 495 Chebucto St – Box 370, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0Tel:             902.295.3661 / Cel: 902.295.0387 / Fax: 902.295.1864


  • “Believe in the possibilities.” To some, it’s an inspirational quote, but for two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Heather Moyse, it’s a way of life. Heather’s incredible record of excellence has caught the eye of many, and, as an exemplary role model in both sport and life, Heather is an inspiration to people of all ages, and stands as a symbol of what it is to be a true leader and champion.
  • Giving back to her community and inspiring others is also an important part of Heather’s life. As she describes it, she may own the medals, but she won them for her country and wants to share them and her inspirational story with as many as she can. But beyond her many appearances and speaking engagements, Heather is involved in a number of fund-raising initiatives, has been a member-at-large for the Commonwealth Game Canada since 2002, an Athlete Ambassador for the charity Right to Play, has been named one of thirty-seven Athlete Role Models from around the world for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, and is actively involved with Camp Triumph on PEI, a unique residential camp for children who have family members with chronic illness or disability. A proud Summerside native and Prince Edward Islander, Heather continually recognizes the extraordinary support that her hometown and home province gives her, and gives back as much as she can to the community that contributed so much to making her the person and athlete that she is today.
  • Not only does Heather believe that sport is an amazing means to discover one’s potential in the face of challenges, but also that it is an ideal medium for development at the individual, community, and national levels. Demonstrating an innate desire to help those less fortunate, in the summer of 1998 Heather was the Program Director for a summer camp for people of varying disabilities. In 2001, Heather was selected to serve as a Disability Sports Program Officer with Commonwealth Games in Trinidad and Tobago. She developed and established a camp for children who are deaf or hearing-impaired from islands across the Caribbean called Camp ABLE (Active Bodies, Leadership, and Esteem). Heather remained in Trinidad and Tobago for almost three years doing other work with the Paralympic Association, Disabled People’s International, and the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union, before returning to Canada to do her Masters degree.
  • Regardless of whom Heather is pushing on the icy chutes or tackling on the rugby pitch, she has a track record of medal-winning performances and start records around the world.
  • In the summer of 2012, Heather was approached by the national rugby AND bobsleigh federations about the possibility of her returning to their respective sports in anticipation of major upcoming events. However, in November 2012, she had to undergo invasive hip surgery. To most, this would be a setback and a reasonable reason to exit sport, but for this bionic woman it was the ultimate challenge, and Heather was re-motivated with intentions of representing her country in both rugby and bobsleigh within that next twelve months. Not only did Heather return to both sports, but she amazed the world by overcoming her hip injury to be the fastest she had ever been, securing her spot back in the Canada 1 bobsleigh. Pushing Kaillie to countless World Cup podiums, there was nothing that this unparalleled athlete couldn’t do. Heather and Kaillie teamed up to successfully defend their gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games in a thrilling come-from-behind victory on the final run which earned them the honour of carrying Canada’s flag into the Closing Ceremonies.
  • Heather decided to try track cycling part of her rehabilitation program to heal a serious ankle injury sustained in a rugby match. After clipping into pedals for the first time in June 2011 and riding on a track for the first time in September 2011, she earned a spot to represent Canada in the Pan-American Cycling Championships in Argentina in March 2012, making track cycling her third national sport for Canada.
  • But that is not all. Heather has also represented Canada on the National Senior Women’s Rugby team in 22 international rugby games and 4 international rugby sevens tournaments. Heather was the leading try-scorer in both the 2006 and 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cups, and was selected as one of only two females in the world to be International Rugby Anti-Doping Ambassadors.
  • Four months after climbing into a bobsleigh for the first time, Heather represented Canada at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. A fourth place finish by the narrowest of margins wouldn’t suffice for this fierce competitor, creating the drive to ‘finish the job’. So after taking a year to finish her Masters degree in occupational therapy, she returned to the bobsleigh track. Heather first captured the nation’s attention in 2010 while standing on top of the Olympic podium with Calgary-native Kaillie Humphries. After setting start records all over Europe on the World Cup circuit, the electrifying duo made Canadian history on home soil at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics after bombing down the track to Canada’s first-ever gold medal.
  • Heather lives by her personal motto, “Believe in the possibilities”, and inspires people all around the world with her life story and her life philosophies. From the small Prince Edward Island town of Summerside to the top of the Olympic podium, Heather Moyse, whom some have suggested is Canada’s best ever all-round female athlete, has accomplished the unlikely not once, not twice, but multiple times by believing in those very possibilities.
  • Describing two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Heather Moyse in one phrase is a difficult task, as she is so much to so many:  multi-sport national athlete, inspirational speaker, ambassador, bionic woman, philanthropist, role model, and above all, Champion.

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